In House & Jobsite Pump Servicing

Windsor Pump has over 30 years of in house and jobsite pump and has become the prefered option to ensure the job gets done correctly as well as efficently. We will also help work with you to provide a list of maintenance strategies to ensure that your complete system runs as smoothly as possible for as long as possible.

Windsor Pump will repair pumps, motors and valves of any make and bring them back to new condition. We also have the capability to insall revolutionary products that can help increase your pumps effiecency and ultimate capabilities. With many years of experience and proven manufacturer know-how, Windsor Pump ensures the reliable operation and long service life of your system.

Windsor Pump has the caapabilities to repair and maintain almost any make or model of pump. Comprehensive maintenance inspection management for industrial plants ensures our customers recieve the best service in the market. Windsor Pumps highly knowledgeable service engineers are available to help you whenever you need 24/7. Even if repairs are needed at short notice or in the event

Ways Windsor Pump Services Our Accounts:
-Machining and repair welding
-Upgrades, retrofits and rerates
-Preventive and scheduled maintenance
-Parts and component stocking and supply
-Equipment repair, analysis and testing

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