Positive Displacement Gear Pumps
They are used in industrial plants for pumping liquids of any viscosity without solids in suspension.
-Constant capacity, directly proportional to the rotation speed and virtually independent of the pressure.
-Smooth flow, without pulses or pressure peaks which could cause vibrations in the pipework. Has a rugged, heavy duty construction.
-External pedestal bearing housing with oversize ball bearing to take axial and radial loads.
-Preheating heating chamber cast integral with the casing or mounted on the cover or gland.
-By-pass relief valve. This is mounted on the pump and can easily be adjusted
-Heavy duty casing in ductile iron, steel or stainless steel with flanged ports
-Rotor and idler gears in ductile iron or stainless steel
-Bushes in cast iron, bronze, graphite or carbon tungsten

Chemicals products
Petroleum products
Soap and detergents
Paint and ink
High temperature liquids

Pos Displ Gear