Dp Pumps

High Pressure Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump

The horizontal and vertical pump has a range designed for a large variety of clean water applications. Fitted with a high quality stainless steel or cast iron connection the pumps guarantee to operate durably. Unique compact design discharge and suction connection are located in a one-piece pump casing just next to each other. Thanks to this unique design the position of the connections remains always the same even if the number of stages has to be changed. That makes it so easy to install with a higher or lower number of stages, without changing the piping.

-specific seals
-a single phase or 3-phase motor
-a stainless steel (DPHM) or cast iron (DPHMC) pump connection
-Booster set, domestic cold water supply
-Chilled water circulation
-Light industrial application

Vertical Multi-stage
Constant innovation ensures the optimum solution. The reliable range DPV vertical pumps have the highest efficiency available and are produced sustainable. The range comes with a wide diversity of variations. The modular construction makes the DPV range easy select and adjust to the required application.

-high grade stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
-flexibility in exclusions
-maximum liquid temperature: 140 degrees Celsius
-maximum working pressure: 40 bar
-according to ErP guideline: highest possible efficiency
-low NPSH
-maintenance-free electric motor
-optional thrust bearing housing
-durable materials and production process
-low noise level
-wide choice of elastomers, seals and connections
-equipped with 1/4″ process connectors.

Hi pressure_AHigh Pressure_B