Flood Control

Windsor Pump knows to well that when Mother Nature attacks it pays to be prepared, we have worked hand in hand with storm water pump stations helping to protect areas by pumping away large volumes of water, thereby preventing the occurrence of flooding. Many cities and municipalities are located on or near bodies of water, creating a need for large, reliable pumping systems capable of handling large volumes of water. Others are located in flat land areas where natural water runoff is slow and difficult. Reliability is the main parameter when designing a storm water installation.

Our products are built durable to handle anything as floodwater often contains solids and large amounts of fibrous materials, like branches, leaves, weeds, trash, dirt and sediments such as sand, silt, mud and soil. The pumps we distribute are designed to face tough requirements, since trash must not get caught in the pumps or sediment in the pump sump.

Our Products include:
-Submersible pumps
-Self priming solids handling pumps
-Grinder and Slurry pumps
-Float switches

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