Windsor Pump has been a huge supplier in the chemical pumping marketplace. As a supplier of some of the best products we have become a leader in the chemical process industry. We have some of the most experienced engineers that are highly regarded for their knowledge and skill in helping customers solve difficult process problems. Applying broad product line to any application allows us to select the most efficient and durable pump for the job. In the Chemical industry it is important to select the right materials as products become can become very corrosive which in turn wears on the pump resulting in higher long term costs. Offering metallic and non-metallic materials addresses the diverse requirements of the chemical industry, including severe corrosion and erosion resistance as well as product purity concerns.

Process or products we offer:
-Metering Pumps
-Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
-Volumetric Meters
-Progressive Cavity Pumps
-Ball and Butterfly Valves