Pulp and Paper

The manufacturing of pulp and paper requires the use of different chemicals at many stages including wood treatment, chemical pulping, adding additives to the paper stock and the coating, laminating and coloring of paper. Windsor Pump supplies a wide range of chemical pumps including side channel, magnetic drive and centrifugal pumps ideal for the transfer of aggressive fluids, as well as accurate dosing pumps for the metering of quantities of these products. 

Sludge pumps, or slurry pumps as they are otherwise known, are commonly required in the pulp and paper industry, as numerous applications involve the handling of dirty, viscous and abrasive materials.

During the manufacture of certain paper, namely tissues and toilet paper, fibrous substances often still exist in the waste water after the fibrous water suspension process in the paper machine. Windsor Pumps range consists of progressive cavity pumps and peristaltic pumps for transferring this paper sludge away. As well as waste water containing sludge, liquid pulp and paper coatings are other viscous products that require similar pumps.

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