Oil and Gas

Windsor Pump has been heavily involved in the oil and gas industry and a driving force in the national industrial pump marketplace. Having some of the most experience in the pumping industry, Windsor Pump has the knowledge to engineer and reverse engineer our products into almost any system. The pumps we offer have the widest range of pressure and temperature capabilities helping to increase efficiencies. Windsor Pump has served industries requiring solutions that add value and reduce costs throughout the life cycle of a pumping system.

Windsor Pump distributes a complete line of performance- proven pumps for all offshore and onshore oil services. These include: water lift, ballast water services; process pumps to move and handle oil, gas and water; high-capacity, high-pressure pumps for crude oil transportation; and utility and fire protection pump

Windsor Pump works with customers to respond to the dynamic business conditions that affect them. Windsor Pump works with customers to improve efficiency maximize the control process and quality. Whether customer needs equipment upgrades or broader project planning with full turnkey responsibility, Windsor Pump delivers professional, reliable results.

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