When coal, minerals and metals are mined or dredged, wherever coal is washed or minerals are treated, you can be certain that somewhere in that process a pump is required. Over the years that Windsor Pump has been supplying the mining industry, we have established a supply chain that enables us to supply pumps that meet the specific market requirements. We know how important equipment constructed of strong and durable materials and with long life spans are to an industry as heavy duty as mining. We also understand that some mining applications may involve particularly aggressive water or chemicals used in the mining process that require pumps made of corrosion resistant materials. We pride ourselves on being able to provide these solutions.

Windsor Pump can specify and supply pumping solutions for all stages of the mining process, taking into consideration the requirements of each individual application.

We Have done extensive work in the industry including:
-Pumping of highly abrasive slurries.
-Concentrating of the product by removing liquid from slurries
-Chemical process for extracting valuable minerals
-Mine dewatering, both in pit and underground

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